I've decided to restart writing a technical blog. My previous blog, mainly Microsoft Lync and telephony related, was pretty much short lived and has now disappeared from the internet. However, writing a blog is an excellent way to hone my technical writing skills and perhaps share some valuable insights with whomever might be reading along; so now that I have some time again to delve into new technology and write stuff down, it seemed like a good time to start over.

About me

I am Robin Gilijamse. I'm a network architect living and working in the Netherlands. When I was still young I studied to become a rocket scientist, but when I failed miserably at that I settled for the next best thing: a job in IT. I have worked my way up from the helpdesk to where I am now: designing networks for customers and coordinating research into new technology at OGD ict-diensten.

This blog

Interesting traffic is a term describes data traffic that would trigger specific behavior in a network device: dial up on an ISDN line or encrypt and sent through an IPsec tunnel. It also sounds like an apt description of this blog, since it's going to be about data networking (traffic) and will deal with matters that I find interesting. Yes, that last part is a bit subjective, but since I'm the one writing and you're the one reading you'll have to deal with it.

However, since this is my first entry, I'll leave you with this picture of the other kind of interesting traffic:

Taxis in Bangkok, Thailand, 2011